Latex wall and ceiling painting Amsterdam

Are you about to move houses, or are you renovating? Or are you simply in need of a fresh breeze through your home? Time for authentic and innovative latex wall and/or ceiling painting. Time for Groen.

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Latex wall and ceiling painting

The appearance of a space is what makes the space. Wall finish plays a major role in this – perhaps even the most important. At Groen we understand that. That is why we take the time for our projects. Our craftsmen look at the entire room prior to starting the paintwork. From wall to wall and from plinth to ceiling. As an example, we look a the shapes of (and in) the space, the light and the color schemes. And we get to a result that suits you and your style exactly. But in particular, a result that suits the space.

The latex painting is the personal touch you give to the wall finish. And therefore very important. For both living areas as well as business premises. We know that, because currently our team consists of a special group of professionals with heaps of experience. For years we have been painting walls and ceilings of private homes, commercial buildings, owners associations (vereniging van eigenaren) and monumental buildings in and around Amsterdam. With the utmost precision.

Advice on latex wall and ceiling painting

Groen Schilders knows what a color can do to a space. It largely determines the atmosphere of a space and how you experience it. Spacious, cosy, homely or fresh. The same applies to the texture of the paint. This could perhaps be a smooth layer without stripes, but also perhaps contain a slight texture. Applying latex paint in the traditional manner with a paint roller gives a slight structure, while spraying latex paint is more smooth. We look for the right combination of the latex paint in terms of color and texture and gladly advice you on this. In order for the space to spark in its entirety: a stylish result that suits the building, the space and your taste.

What our customers say

  • 9.3

    Jaap uit Amsterdam

    Clear communication! They really kept their promises, something you don't see that often anymore nowadays. Crafted painters! it looks beautiful. Thanks!

  • 10

    Matthijs uit Amsterdam

    Very professional painter! Skillfully executed. We very happy with the result.

  • 9.4

    Tim uit Amsterdam

    Last March the painters of Groen whitened the walls and ceilings of my new home for an attractive price. They also finished thew woodwork inside beautifully. Partly because of the clear agreements and communication, I found this company to be very professional.

How we work?

Craftsmanship. Pure craftsmanship. Groen Schilders paints punctual and meticulously. Latex-paint products are carefully selected per situation. In this way we guarantee a lasting quality and an aesthetically pleasing result. We value the preparation at least as much as the finishing. Years of experience taught us the importance of this preparation. And this is what you will see, especially in a few years when the latex-paint on your wall and/or ceiling is still in perfect condition.

With our craftsmanship we take all the worries out of your hands. The certainty of a carefree process is what you can expect from us. Based on your personal wishes and taking into account the location-specific challenges of the space. As a private individual or a business, we highly value trust and respect. We do this by communicating clearly with you. Before, during and after the job.

Warranty on the latex-paintwork

We strictly work with the most modern latex-painting products and set the highest standerds. Quality and sustainability of the paintwork is of the utmost importance. In fact, we guarantee this and we offer you a 5-year warranty on the quality of the paintwork and the applied painting products.

It is time for sustainable quality. It is time for Groen. You can request a non-binding quotation. Or let yourself be convinced by our finished projected in and around Amsterdam.

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