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Latex-paint spraying Amsterdam

In need of a fresh and clean look? By spraying latex-paint, the result becomes super sharp. And that's another reason to work with Groen Schilders.

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Spraying latex-paint

A new, sleek and fresh wall finish, without too much fuss? Then spraying latex wall paint offers a good solution. And also for this, Groen is there for you. Over the years we became professionals at handling special latex-paint sprayers. The spraying technique creates an even structure, which is a lot smoother than the wall paint work done by a traditional paint roller. Moreover, the work is completed a lot faster – despite the fact that we carry out the work with at least as much passion as with our traditional interior painting. Latex-paint spraying is therefor usually cheaper than using a paint roller for the latex. Disclaimer: this differs per situation and surface.

A good preparation is half the work. Our craftsmen know that like no other. Therefor they always start with a comprehensive inspection of the current state of each wall and ceiling before starting with the latex-paint spraying. Not a centimeter of the room is skipped. Everything for a super smooth result. A result that exactly suits you, your style and your wishes.

Advice for the finishing coat

By now we have years of experience with latex spraying in and around Amsterdam. Our professionals know how the wall finish affects the appearance of a room. And that is what makes the space. And additionally the smooth latex finish can also be very functional. For example, there are types of latex that are scrub resistant and easy to clean, or types that have a very matte finish. Ideal for greasy kitchens or damp bathrooms. Therefore selecting the finishing coat is very important. And gladly advise you about that.

What our customers say

  • 8.1

    Katja uit Amsterdam

    Painters could come very quickly for the outdoor paintwork. They helped with everything, worked very hard and were friendly and polite. Their English was good in order to communicate sufficiently.

  • 9.9

    Chris uit Amsterdam

    Last autumn Groen Schilders took care of the exterior of our building on behalf of the owners association. Among other things the windows were done. Excellent price, good service and especially the quality is high. Recommended!

  • 9.1

    Alice uit Amsterdam

    We are very satisfied! The tranquil painters worked properly. The things that weren't right yet a the time of the delivery, were quickly and well picked up. I definitely recommend them!

How we work?

Groen stands for craftsmanship. Our craftsmen work careful and precise. We carefully select latex-paint products and techniques for each situation. We value the preparation at least as much as the finishing. Years of experience taught us how important that preparation is. And that shows, especially after a few years when the result is still super smooth.

What you can expect from us? The certainty of a carefree process. With our craftsmanship we take all the worries out of your hands. Working with the specific location-based challenges and your personal wishes. Private or business, trust and respect are very important to us. Clear communication is key. Before, during and after the job. That us what you can expect from Groen.

Warranty on the preservation of latex-paint

We only work with the most modern latex-paint products and set the highest quality requirements for this. The durability of the work we deliver is very important to us. This is so important to us, that we guarantee it and offer a 5-year warranty on the preservation of the latex-paint.

It is time for sustainable quality. It is time for Groen. You can request a non-binding quotation. Let yourself be convinced by our completed project in and around Amsterdam.

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