We carried out work on the upper house of a building on the Tweede Helmersstraat. Both the front and the back were under construction. During the inspection we stumbled upon a lot of dry rot in the woodwork. The steel lifting beam on the top facade, as we see a lot on Amsterdam’s historic warehouses, was also rotten.

Degreasing the woodwork

After restoring the dry rot and replacing the lifting beam we could start painting. One of the first steps in this process is degreasing the woodwork. Degreasing the woodwork is very important to ensure durable paintwork, but why is that so? By degreasing the surface, we remove grease and dirt from the wood. We use Universol, a biodegradable degreaser that doesn’t need to be washed off. This saves us time. If all the dirt is removed, it cannot get into the pores of the woodwork during the sanding process. In this way we ensure optimal adhesion for the paint.

A beautiful new facade

After replacing the lifting beam, we renewed the masonry and grout-work on the upper part of the facade. Of course we also restored the dry rot, after which we made the woodwork ready for painting. Inside the building we plastered and painted, with a new fresh look as the result!

Photos of the project

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