Restoring dry rot

Dry rot. The dreaded enemy of your beautiful wooden wills, doors and window frames. And now you discovered it, you're 'too late'. Fortunately, you can easily have it repaired. By Groen's professionals.

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Restoring dry rot

Prevention is better than cure – we all know that. But sometimes there hasn’t been any time for paint maintenance, so moisture has penetrated the wood of window frames, doors and sills. And then you discover the dry rot, too late. And sometimes dry rot just lurks around sooner than expected. Perhaps because of poor ventilation or too thinly applied or weathered paintwork.

That is why you need Groen to have your dry rot repaired. Our experts deliver durable quality. We repair dry rot in a professional way. And we make sure it won’t return. Disclaimer: periodical paint maintenance remains a condition.

We carefully inspect all the woodwork in you building. Including the places that are more difficult to reach and therefor usually skipped. We identify vulnerable spots and treat them extra thoroughly with high quality 2-component epoxy. Epoxy is a good grouting, flexible and durable wood replacing product, that is additionally excellent to model, sand and paint. After being restored by professionals form Groen, your woodwork is like new again.


Advice on dry rot restoration

We have taken the time to get to where we are now. We have years of experience in repairing dry rot in and around the historical city of Amsterdam. We possess all the expertise to select the right materials and instruments to fight dry rot. And to apply them in the right way.

It is like this that experience and knowledge taught us that polyester putty or acrylic sealant is not suitable for outdoor painting. Rather, it is much better to use a good 2-component epoxy. We gladly advice you on what to do in the fight against wood rot. But also in particular about the things you shouldn’t do.

What our customers say

  • 8.7

    Rudi uit Amsterdam

    We have a very good experience getting our staircase painted. Lots of woodwork: neatly sanded, primed and then varnished. Looks beautiful. The painters worked neat and precise, no complaints.

  • 9.1

    Alice uit Amsterdam

    We are very satisfied! The tranquil painters worked properly. The things that weren't right yet a the time of the delivery, were quickly and well picked up. I definitely recommend them!

  • 9.9

    Chris uit Amsterdam

    Last autumn Groen Schilders took care of the exterior of our building on behalf of the owners association. Among other things the windows were done. Excellent price, good service and especially the quality is high. Recommended!

How we work?

Groen stands for craftsmanship. We value the preparation at least as much as the finishing. It is especially the dry rot that has been able to develop that shows how important such preparation is. And the quality we deliver in this preparation becomes apparent after a few years. Then you discover how the paint lasts. And the dry rot stays away.

Completely relieving you of your worries in the fight against dry rot. That is our goal. Individual, owner’s association or company, you can expect the certainty of a carefree process from Groen Schilders. We achieve this by communicating clearly and transparently with you. Before, during and after the job.

Warranty on dry rot restoration

We guarantee quality. Durable quality. We only work with the best materials for dry rot restoration. And apply them in the right way. This prevents the dry rot from returning – and we offer a 5-year warranty on dry rot restoration we carried out.

It is time for sustainable quality. It is time for Groen. You can request a non-binding estimate. Not convinced yet? Take a look at our dry rot restoration projects in and around Amsterdam and let yourself be convinced.

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