At the Griseldestraat in Bos en Lommer Amsterdam we carried out the required maintenance on behalf of a VvE (owners association). During this job, four floors were under construction. In a short time we tackled the exterior painting and the balconies. The building looks great again!

Scaffolding construction

At Groen we work with renowned scaffolding builders. For the project at the Griseldestraat we worked with Perfect Steigerbouw. In order to work safely, we hire a professional partner. By working with this professional party, we not only work safer, but also faster. This in turn saves on the total costs of the work.

Mobile scaffold versus fixed scaffold

The mobile scaffold, widely used in the painting branche, seems to be a quick solution but actually has many disadvantages. A mobile scaffold tower has no stairwell and painters have to climb a lot because of this. Also, moving the mobile scaffold is not without risk. Our scaffolding construction partners always supply fixed scaffolding. These scaffolds are specially adapted for each building. This customization allows us to work quickly and safely!

Photos of the project

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