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Moving? Renovating? Moisture damage? Or just in need of a fresh look? The reason doesn't matter. Time for a fresh breeze through the interior painting. Time for Groen.

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Interior Painting

Groen Schilders is the right place for indoor painting in Amsterdam. The finish of the paintwork influences the ambiance of a room. At Groen we understand that. That is why we take the time for our projects and why our interior painters look at the entire space. From wall to frame, from door to door and from plinth to ceiling.

Additionally, we can provide you with (advice about) the right wall covering. Whether this is painting, wallpaper or plaster – Groen provides the right finish. A result that suits you and your style perfectly. But also, especially the space.

Color Advice

Selecting colors is not always easy. We gladly advice you about this. Our painters know what a color can do to a room. It creates the ambiance and can make a room look bigger, smaller, spacious, cozy, homely or light. We look for the right combination of paint products and colors, so that the space fully appears to its advantage. Our interior painters look at the shape of (and in) the space, the angles of incoming light, color schemes and current trends. This is how we get to a stylish result that suits your taste.

Indoor Painting of Historical Buildings

We have taken the time to get to where we are now. Years of experience with painting many national monuments provided us with a great deal of knowledge, expertise and a wide network of specialist partners. Our painters are therefore very adept at painting (both the inside as well as the outside of) listed historical buildings in and around Amsterdam.

What our customers say

  • 9.9

    Chris uit Amsterdam

    Last autumn Groen Schilders took care of the exterior of our building on behalf of the owners association. Among other things the windows were done. Excellent price, good service and especially the quality is high. Recommended!

  • 8.9

    Tina uit Amsterdam

    We had a great experience. We were able to schedule the paint job quickly and they did excellent work. The painter was friendly and professional. I would definitely call them again.

  • 9.3

    Jaap uit Amsterdam

    Clear communication! They really kept their promises, something you don't see that often anymore nowadays. Crafted painters! it looks beautiful. Thanks!

How we work?

Craftsmanship. That is what we stand for. We work meticulously and carefully, with an eye for detail. We are patient and highly value good preparation and finishing. Paint products are carefully chosen for each different situation. We treat floors, walls, ceilings and all woodwork with appropriate painting systems. In this way we guarantee perfect quality and a stylish result.

With our craftsmanship we take all the worries out of your hands. On location, it’s all about trust and respect. We therefore believe that clear communication is very important. Before, during and after the job. The certainty of a carefree process. That is what you can expect from Groen Schilders.

Warranty on paintwork

Groen means quality. That is why we only work with the most modern paint products and set the highest standards for the quality of our work utensils. Quality and durability of the paintwork is of the utmost importance. In fact, we guarantee this. We offer a 5-year warranty on the quality of the interior painting and the quality of the applied painting products.

It is time for sustainable quality. It is time for Groen. You can request a non-binding quotation. Not convinced yet? Take a look at our projects of indoor painting in Amsterdam and get inspired.

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