We are painting company located in Amsterdam. With an area that is so full of wonderfully characteristic historical buildings and such a diverse range of clients, we have decided to change how we look at our job as painters. A more efficient, high-level way of working. A special approach that is the result of years and years of experience. One that goes beyond just paintwork. One in which trust and respect are the central values.

“Bad communication, expectations that haven’t been met, lack of craftmanship, bad products, a messy workspace, painters that smoke in front of the window, music that was too loud, empty promises, paint on places that were supposed to be left clean and inappropriate behavior.” A set of complains we’ve heard our clients have about other painting companies.

This has made us think about the type of painting company we want to be. And especially, the type of company we don’t want to be. We want to be different. By working and organising in a different way. We’re constantly improving by reconsidering our working process again and again, and by taking the right steps to realize the right changes. We do this by taking our time to listen to our clients, painters and suppliers – and by maintaining a profound partnership with the latter. This is how we incessantly improve our working process and bring the quality of our work to the highest standard, which in turn allows us to offer you an extensive warranty.

Quality. We hold durable quality in the highest esteem. This is why we work exclusively with products that are up-to-date, and stick to the highest standards. All so we can guarantee perfect craftsmanship.

Warranty. To us, quality and warranties go hand in hand. This is why we offer a 5 year warranty on all our services and products used.

Certificates. Regarding our promises of quality and warranties, it’s not only our word that you can count on. We have been certified by the high standards of Sikkens Quality Painter and De Betere Schilder.

Our work is aimed at individuals, owner unions and companies in Amsterdam. Our close contact with this group of customers makes our job very pleasant. We are used to being welcomed into our clients’ house, and understand the importance of being careful with their property. Our painters are calm, well-mannered and focused craftsmen that hold the central values of service, quality and clear communication in the highest esteem.

Paintwork: our vision

We believe that when you take time to do your work, you can become a very service minded painting company. Taking our time for you as a customer, but also for our painters, our suppliers and our contractors. The time we put into the digitalization of our backoffice and the time we put into structuring our company has led us to be able to make straightforward agreements and have clear communication from start to finish. This makes us and our highly professional group of painters capable of offering the highest quality.

We also take time for ourselves, to recharge so that we can serve our customers even better. All in all, we love taking time to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Customer reviews

By really listening to our customers, we keep on improving our work. This is why reviews are very important to us. Below you’ll find our most recent reviews, and here you can find all reviews.

Costumer experiences

Our working method

  1. You request a quotation

  2. We call you to set a meeting

  3. We stop by and assess the building

  4. You agree with the offer and we start working

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