The crematorium at Memorial park Westgaarde in Amsterdam-West used to have an outdated appearance. The colors and materials didn’t match  current times. The facility gave an expired impression, one that no longer corresponded to the kind of soothing place the crematorium wants to be. We made sure the crematorium once again has a professional look with an intimate atmosphere!

Our advice: styling and durability

Bij Groen staat de duurzaamheid van schilderwerk hoog in het vaandel.

After a thorough inspection, we gave extensive advice on a new color scheme and durability of the building. Together with the management we opted for new calm colors, that give the crematorium a professional and intimate look. Not only the outside of the building, but also the waiting room and ceremonial room suit our time again. Next to giving advice on the color palette, we also gave advice on sustaining the durability of the building. At Groen, the sustainability of paintwork is of paramount importance.

Durable exterior walls

An example of sustainable painting can be seen in among others our treatment of exterior walls. The outside walls of the crematorium were untreated and over the years a lot of moss and algae manifested itself on the walls.

How do we treat an exterior wall?

Outside walls are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore we first spray them with anti-moss and -mould agent. Painting over the moss and algae is of no use: underneath the paint they simply continue to grow. For sustainable painting it is therefore important to with with thoroughly cleaned walls. After applying the cleaner, we use a high pressure cleaner. After this, the walls are ready for painting.

A new, intimate atmosphere

In Crematorium Westgaarde we adjusted the windows and doors to go with the new color palette. The steel of the entrance was repainted. In addition, all rotten roof edges we replaced by our carpenters. The old interior spaes in the building were also repainted and now conjure up a new calming feeling.


For this special project we chose, together with the management, for a discrete approach. Always taking into account that cremations were taking place, we worked in small teams. In this way, our work had little impact on the daily affairs of the crematorium.

Communication and partnerschip

Before, during and after the job we are there for our partners. Communicating clearly with the managent made sure the project proceeded flawlessly. To this day we also provide aftercare: we are there for the crematorium throughout the entire warranty period.

Photos of the project

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