We had the pleasure to work on a beautiful spacious house in Oud-Zuid. Due to a leaky rainwater outlet a few spots of dry rot were able to develop, which we treated and filled up with our epoxy. Within two weeks we successfully completed this beautiful job.

Leaking rainwater drainage

Due to a number of leaks, we replaced the entire rainwater drainage. The leaks and the consequential moisture caused dry rot on several vulnerable parts of the woodwork. Therefore we carried out the necessary dry rot renovation of the special balcony.

Dry rot: a common problem

In a city like Amsterdam that is filled with monumental historical buildings, dry rot is a common problem. Wooden window frames are beautiful and have a unique appearance. However, they require periodic maintenance and good painting. When this maintenance if not or insufficiently carried our, dry rot can develop, especially in vulnerable areas of the woodwork.

How does dry rot restoration work?

For dry rot restoration we use a high quality epoxy 2-component putty. We mill away all the rotten parts of the woodwork, until we reach the healthy wood. Then we prime the spot with fixer and apply the epoxy putty by means of the wet-on-wet method. This putty is easy to model, sand and paint. It has proven its value when it comes to repairing wood, and has been strongly developed in recent years!

Dry rot can have different causes. For example:

• Sloppy paintwork
• Poor ventilation
• Leakage

Removing parts

Removing the entirety of the dry rot is incredibly important, otherwise the rotting process simply continues. Even when the wood has been treated with epoxy putty, the decay can still penetrate further into the wood. Our craftsmen remove all the pieces until they reach the healthy wood. We use a special machine, because a chisel too easily damages the structure of the wood.

Protective coating

After the wood has been repaired with fillers, it is important to protect it again with a layer of paint and varnish. The front and back of the building were repainted after the repairs. The varnished window frames are once again shining and the door beautifully painted in “grachtengroen”. All the woodwork is now well protected from the weather.

Photos of the project

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