We had the opportunity to give advice on the use of color in the rooms and corridors of an apartment at the Linnaeusparkweg! The residents wished to experiment with the interior. We have therefore given the house an open and spacious atmosphere, by means of tight paintwork.

Color advice

Groen Schilders gladly advices you on color. During an appointment we bring our color book full of samples of most beautiful colors and take a look at the angles of the incoming light. Together with the costumer we discuss the wishes and possibilities. We painted this house simple, sleek and white. The grey on the floors and panelling gives the rooms a nice spacious ambiance that opens up the possibility to play with the interior. Also the warmly colored wooden floor on the upper storey forms a good basis. And the result is impressive: an interior to enjoy!

From high gloss to super matte

For this job we used different kinds of paint. On the woodwork we used the best quality of high gloss lacquer. For the walls we used very matte paint. We exclusively use the best products. The rule of thumb is: the more expensive, the better the quality but the more difficult to paint. Because expensive latex paint contains a lot of latex, cheap latex contains a lot of lime. That is why the more expensive latex paint requires more layers to make it opaque.

Cleaning latex walls

The advantage of latex paint is that it is easy to clean. That is of course of great importance in a home with spaces that are used daily. Especially in situations with younger children and kitchen areas where there is likely to be more mess; it is useful to be able to clean the walls. We work with latex that is super matte and won’t start shining when you clean it.

Photos of the project

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