Replacing sliding windows with double glazing

Are you still happy with the look of your sash window, but would you like to isolate your house better? Are you looking for a way to make your house more sustainable? Or do you find it annoying that your sliding window fogs up all the time? Whatever the reason, we will replace your sliding window with a sliding window with double glazing. Time for renewal? Time for Groen.

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From sliding window to sliding window with double glazing

In historic buildings in Amsterdam and surrounding areas, you often see beautiful, old-fashioned sliding windows. These sash windows often still have single glazing. This can have many disadvantages, such as condensation, draughts, and noise pollution. Single glazing is also bad for the environment due to the heat loss it causes. Yet there are several reasons why you may want to keep the sash window. You may find it more beautiful, or you may live in a monumental building where the retention of sash windows is compulsory. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your sash window and at the same time tackle the additional disadvantages!

Replace your existing sash window by a variant with double glazing. We will make parts of your new sliding window with double glazing (HR++) to measure in our own workshop. Other parts are manufactured by our reliable and professional partners. We will make sure your new window exactly matches the style of your building. We use mahogany for all the parts that we make. This is a beautiful, warm wood type with a high insulation value. In this way, you retain the historical character of your sash windows, while reducing your ecological footprint and keeping the noise of the city outside of your house from now on!

At Groen, we are happy to discuss with you what is needed to replace your sash window with a double-glazed sliding window. To preserve the appearance of your building, we retain as many of the elements of your old sash window as possible. At Groen, it is either possible to install only a new window, or an entirely new frame. What is needed depends on the condition of your window frame. After placing the new window frame and/or the new window, we seal gaps to prevent drafts. Then we paint everything.

To match the look of your old sliding window, not only on the outside but also on the inside, we use the traditional rope system. By means of a rope and pulleys, we ensure that your new double glazed sliding window opens and closes smoothly.


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Monumental buildings

One of the reasons for replacing a sash window with double glazing instead of a completely different system is that you live in a monumental building. In some cases, it is possible to install monumental glass in an exact copy of the existing sash. However, it is still important to ascertain for your monumental building whether you need to apply for a permit for the desired work, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.


We work with the best materials, and we guarantee the quality we promise. That is why we offer a ten-year guarantee on the frames and windows we install, which can be used if, for example, there are problems with water or wind tightness. We offer a five-year guarantee on glazing. This guarantee applies, for instance, in case of condensation or dirt between the double glazing. We offer a two-year guarantee on hanging and locking systems.

Non-binding quotation

Prices for the installation of sash windows with double glazing vary from one building to another. We will be happy to discuss the price you can expect during the intake.
It’s time for quality combined with durability. It’s time for Groen. Be inspired by Groen’s projects or request a quotation right away without any commitment!

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