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Is your house in need of some renewed carpentry? Carpentry with an authentic appearance? If that is the case, it is time for Groen

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Groen knows the value of authentic woodwork and why it should be conserved. How do we do it, you ask? With exceptional carpentry.

Unique buildings require a different approach. An approach we have mastered after many years of experience. We do everything from the smallest woodwork repairs to complete facade restorations. We are up for it, because we took the time to get to where we are now. Our expert carpenters modernise buildings without losing the charm of any traditional elements.

Specialist Carpentry

With our expert carpentry we modernise your building while retaining its original character. We will do everything ranging from measuring to installing all types of wooden facade elements. The renovation will also result in a renewed protection. Sustainable quality is our top priority. Amsterdam with its plentiful monuments has been an inspiring workshop for years, and that is why we have all the expertise to perform our specialist carpentry. This includes:

  • Casement doors and casement windows
  • Placement of tip-tilt windows
  • Replacement of railings
  • Single-glazed to double-glazed windows
  • Replacement of ride-pieces and cornices

Authenticity guaranteed completely

Costumer experiences

  • 9.1

    Alice uit Amsterdam

    We zijn zeer tevreden! De rustige schilders hebben netjes gewerkt. De punten die nog niet goed waren tijdens de oplevering werden snel en goed opgepakt. Zeker aan te raden

  • 9.6

    Chris uit Amsterdam

    Dit najaar heeft Groen Schilders namens onze VVE de buitenkant van het pand onder handen genomen. o.a. kozijnen zijn gedaan. Prima prijs, goede service en vooral de kwaliteit is hoog. Aanrader!

  • 10

    Dennis uit Amsterdam

    De schilder die in eerste instantie zou komen liet het op het allerlaatste moment afweten. Ik heb toen Groen Schilders gebeld en die konden vrijwel onmiddelijk beginnen. Met drie man hebben ze in korte tijd uitstekend werk geleverd. Zeer tevreden en zeker aan te bevelen.

How do we work?

With craftsmanship. Our work is thorough and meticulous. We really take the time for you and for your project. That is how we offer the special attention that iconic woodwork requires. Based on your wishes and all the different challenges of the location taken into account.

You are ensured of a carefree project. That is what you can expect from Groen Schilders. Let us take care of everything. We do everything from measuring everything out to replacing all kinds of wooden facades. Whether the job is for a private party, for an owners association, or a business, on location it is all about trust and respect for us. Clear communication is very important. Before, during and after the job. Cristal clear.

Warranty on carpentry

We guarantee quality with our carpentry. Sustainable quality. We offer a 5 year warranty on the work we performed. We want you to be assured of the best quality.

It is time for Groen. You can request a free quote or you can see the result of our specialist carpentry in different projects in the links below. Let us convince you of our quality.

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