Running out of time? Groen Schilders is your partner

Are you running out of time? In that case, Groen Schilders is your partner. Under short time constraints we offer a solution, and with respect and dedication we provide your paintwork in an efficient way. We possess a lot of experience in working with a tight planning and deadlines for both indoor and outdoor painting.

We know the pressure of time like no other. That’s why we spend our time well. We take enough time to jointly discover what needs to be done and always keep an eye on the deadline. We adapt to your planning and work flexibly. Even outside of regular hours, we are ready to get the work done on time.

de schilder voor de zakelijke markt


A new retail store is about to open, but everything still needs to be painted? Is the refurbishment running late and causing time constraints while high rents are increasing the pressure even further? Groen Schilders is familiar with the busy retail business. We have a lot of experience with complex situations and with working with many different parties in one place. Take a look a this huge project for Uniqlo Amsterdam, for example.

Business premises

Large business premises and considerable time pressure are no strangers to us. We  know the complexity of locations where several partners are present and therefore always work according to your schedule. With our large teams of up to 20 people, we can quickly cover large areas and spaces.


Our painters are used to situations in which buildings remain in use during the paintwork, and we work per wing or per floor. The importance of continuity is of paramount importance. Together we ensure a tight planning and an optimal experience for your guests. Our painters are experienced and work discreetly and with respect. This way, your hotel’s appearance and image remain excellent, and we make sure our operations run smoothly.

Time on our side

In the end we believe that time is on our side. Because the quality we deliver is not only in the careful attention we pay to our work in the moment; it becomes visible even more after a few years. Then you discover how the paint lasts. We will gladly work for you. Request a quotation. For this we always take into account your personal wishes and the location-specific challenges.

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