Did you take on the task of applying and comparing? Comparing prices and quality seems to be quite complicated – but fortunately we offer solutions for these difficult issues!

What should you do?

Contact us and schedule an appointment for admission. During this meeting you show us the building and give us access to the backyard, for example, so that we can get a good overview.  Also access to enclosed spaces that need to be dealt with, helps us to give you a good indication. The more we can see, the more detailed the quotation will be.

What do we do?

From then on you don’t have to do anything anymore! We send you the quotation and after approval we take care of the entire job down to the last detail. We make a clear planning, which we communicate with residents and stakeholders. We arrange all the permits and scaffolding and carry out the necessary inspections. In addition to painting, we can also engage other professionals, such as carpenters and plasterers.

Communication comes first

At Groen Schilders we find communication to be very important. We stand for service, from start to finish. It is like this that we ensure clear communication and clear agreements with residents, during both the preparation of the work and the work itself. To allow for the maintenance to go as smoothly as possible, we want to make sure that everyone is up to date on the state of affairs. Of course, we are always available to answer your questions.

An investment that pays off

Groen Schilders guarantees a very sharp eye during  the maintenance work of your property. We deliver the best quality. After all, maintenance should be an investment that pays off: high-quality paintwork lasts a long time. You also receive a warranty certificate for the work that we carried out.

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