The zinc gutter of the building was quite outdated and leaking. The leaking moisture caused a lot of dry rot. In addition, the moisture penetrated the interior wall. So first we tackled the cause: a new gutter! In two days we installed a new zinc gutter. Then we started restoring the dry rot and paintwork.

High gloss lacquer

For the appearance and protection of the paintwork, the coating is of great importance. That is why we use the best varnishes. One of them is the Sikkens Rubbol SB. This weather-resistant lacquer provides a beautiful spherical shine and is very durable. Sikkens Rubbol SB lasts up to seven years. Perfect for an urban environment with many external factors impacting the paintwork.

Painting fences

Not only the woodwork but also the fencing needs weather protection. At the Kanaalstraat we gave the fencing of the French balcony the authentic “grachtengroene” color.

But what is that, a French balcony? In historical Amsterdam there are many! A French balcony is a rather narrow ledge, with a balustrade or a fence, often with French doors (patio doors). 

Photos of the project

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